Dialtone Technologies, has being developing a number of core applications for the communications and collaberation of information, globally and within a closed group or company.

With our Telecommunications platform, huge savings are available including line rental, local and international calls, even more saving with free on NET calls to colleages and other Dialtone Technologies network users.

Dialtone Technologies, has a team of members, will to assist all you telecommunications needs, this also includes custom designed software applications and servers, for private and corporate usage.

Their are a number of off the shelf applications, that allows for private and small business communications.

Short messaging and interface modules to other popular networks, like Twitter, Google, GTalk, GMail, Windows Live, Facebook and LinkedIn..


  • Our New Products Available in September
    July, 2013

    During the month of September, we will be launching a number of services and products, to allow for simple communications, community group and small businesses to get started. Our small business subscription, will offer communications, email, messaging and company website.

  • Website Launched
    July 1, 2013

    We are happy to welcome our new website, While all our products have not being released yet, we decidied to get the word out their.

Why Us

Raising The Standards

Dialtone Technologies, maybe a new kid on the block, however we at Dialtone Technologies believe communications, should be like air, FREE or as cheap as possible for the masses. 

Steps For The Future

We intend to take one step at a time, to create an infrustructure for the community, bringing communications to all.

Gary Gray, Co-Founder

Dialtone Technologies